German mob tells refugees to ‘go home’


A new video has surfaced on the internet which shows a group of men blocking a bus full of refugees in the town of Clausnitz, in the eastern German state of Saxony.

German officials said they are ashamed after the video emerged which shows a mob shouting and blocking the bus of refugees.

The video shared on Friday, shows a group of men blocking a bus full of refugees as they entered the town of Clausnitz.

The video shows the mob shouting “we are the people” and “go home” at the bus of refugees, which include women and children. The video goes on to show the image of a boy who weeps as he looks at the crowd.

There were 30 officers on the scene to keep the two groups apart according to the police in Saxony.

“We were able to prevent it coming to physical confrontations or injuries,” they wrote, noting 13 possible infractions against the law on free assembly.

They added, “The terrible images and video reached us this morning via social media. As the police we have to remain neutral during our deployments.

“That is difficult for us in this situation. We are all people in blue uniforms, who feel just the same as you when we watch the video.”

Many have condemned the video on social media.

TV comedian Jan Böhmermann tweeted: “Clausnitz (Saxony) yesterday. The German mob greets those who escaped the jaws of death.”