Karachi expected to produce 16,000 tonnes of garbage daily by 2020



Karachi, because of the constant population influx is expected to generate 16,000 tonnes of garbage daily by 2020, said Sindh Solid Waste Management Board (SSWMB) Managing Director Roshan A. Shaikh on Monday.

Talking to a delegation of investors, both foreign and local, interested in the series of schemes chalked-out by the board, he said the metropolis was currently producing 12,000 tons of garbage.

“We are predominantly interested in providing a disease-free and clean environment to the citizens,” SSWMB chief said.

“However, we are also equally conscious of the fact that the garbage can be turned into an efficient source of income as well as energy generation,” he said.

“One can easily decipher the existent potential not only in terms of electricity generation but also in context of other viable recycling options,” he said.

Roshan Ali Shaikh said that schemes developed under Sindh Solid Waste Management include door to door garbage collection, construction of garbage transfer stations (GSTs) and energy generation schemes.

Each of these have drawn tremendous attention from the investors, he said, adding that short term as well as long term schemes are being developed for the purpose.