Nobody safe from brutalities of rulers: Qadri




The people of the country will one day have to stand up to the atrocities being committed by the rulers as for how long can the masses suffer at the hands of these cruel rulers and the longer the masses suffer, the larger the suffering and pain will be.

Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) Chairman Dr Tahirul Qadri has stated this while addressing the PAT lawyers via video conference here on Monday. The lawyers briefed the chairman on the fresh developments in the Model Town massacre case.

The PAT chairman said that those who have been thinking that they will be able to push the Model Town case under the carpet are living in a ‘fool’s paradise.

The PAT will never rest in peace until justice is provided to the heirs of the Model Town incident. He said the persons responsible for the killings will have to face the gallows one day.

Qadri said that I had intimated beforehand that the killers will have to face the music one day as PAT will not give up the struggle until and unless justice is provided. He said these rulers came into power through rigged elections held under a corrupt system in which finances were used to change the results so as to win them.

The PAT chairman expressed his condolences with the Peoples’ Party after their two workers were killed at the hands of these cruel rulers in Azad Kashmir. He said nobody is safe from the brutalities of these rulers and the PAT will continue its fight against these corrupt rulers and the corrupt system which has bought them into power.