Computerised land records


Pakistan has a very old Patwari system of maintaining land records that causes major distress among farmers. It has led to corruption in the villages where farmers pay a heavy amount to keep their right of keeping their land in their hands. In this background, it is good to hear that the Punjab government has introduced a new system of computerised records of land thus saving the farmers from big hassle. The new land record system is named as Land Record Management Information System that has actually helped in eradicating the old system of village accountant.

The computerisation will also ensure to end malpractice and corruption. This practice has been appreciated worldwide. In a recent address the World Bank representative has appreciated this step of the Punjab government. The main features of this system include issuance of Fard within 30 minutes, transfer of ownership within 50 minutes, safety for owners in claiming their ownership through the biometric data record, trained staff, building of Land Record Service Centre in 143 tehsils.




  1. I have been urging for years the Punjab Government not only to computerise Land and Property ownerships but also Thana, Kutchery and Law Courts proceedings.They should also provide all information freely to the public, a system of lodging complaints against government officials wrong doings on the internet.It is the duty of the government to offer these basic services to the people they serve

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