White Lies



The prime minister, in his visit to Qatar, called on the chief of the Arab nation’s airline, Akbar Al Baker.

The gentleman in question turned the diminutive national carrier into a regional force to be reckoned with. It appears that the premier was there to get some pointers on how to turn around PIA.

When there, he was shown around the impressive Hamad airport in Doha by the CEO himself. The PM was visibly impressed by the airport. It was getting late for the flight to Islamabad, so he begged leave, only to be informed that their tour hadn’t even covered a tenth of the airport yet.


Ever since the news of the marriage and subsequent news of the divorce of Imran Khan, both of which turned out to be true, there seems to have developed a cottage industry of sorts devoted specially to covering Khan’s personal life.

Rumours abound about his supposed new serious flame while his sisters are on the lookout for a new bhabi. All such news is unsubstantiated as yet.