Excise & Taxation decides to auction properties of defaulters




The Rawalpindi Excise and Taxation Department has decided to auction properties of defaulters who have regularly failed to pay property tax.

Sources in the excise department said that there were around 200 commercial and residential properties in Rawalpindi whose owners have not paid taxes for many years now.

The sources said that some of them have contacts in power corridors and they were continuously evading taxes, depriving the excise department of millions of rupees in tax income.

The sources said that it has been decided to auction and sell properties of defaulters as they have not responded to the final notices issued to them by the department.

The source also claimed that warrants to arrest 70 defaulters has been issued while their properties would also be confiscated. The defaulters would face the music and their properties will be sealed and auctioned if they did not pay property taxes before June 30.