Pak Army fully committed to peace talks with India, says Musharraf


Former military strongman General (r) Pervez Musharraf on Thursday said Pakistan’s military and civilian leadership are on the same page regarding peace initiatives with India, but added that he does not see any progress in dialogue on core issues as India is only interested in discussing their own problems.

Giving an interview to an Indian news channel, India Today, the former military ruler asserted that military is “200 per cent” on board regarding the peace process with India but “India only wants to talks about its own issues like Mumbai and Pathankot. It wants to dominate and bully Pakistan”.

When asked if he sees any progress in the India-Pak peace process, Musharraf said, “Everything will stop if you address the core issue. The unfortunate terrorist acts and the militancy will continue unless we address the core issue. That is what you don’t want to do,” he said.

“Pakistan Army is not training civilians. Intelligence organisation on our side as well as on your side is involved,” he said.

“Kashmir continues to arouse sentiments in Pakistan,” the 72-year-old former president said. “Anyone who is fighting in Kashmir is a freedom fighter,” he said.

Speaking on American national David Headley, who is currently deposing before a Mumbai court in connection with the 26/11 attack case, Musharraf said, “I don’t believe anything that Headley had said … Pakistan intelligence should interrogate Headley.”

When asked about JeM chief Masood Azhar, who was involved in two attacks against Musharraf himself, the former military general said, “Anyone who is doing any other act in Pakistan like, I know that he attacks me, is a terrorist certainly. Therefore I call him a terrorist.”

“LeT and Hafiz Saeed are not involved in terror activities in Pakistan,” he said.

He said India derailed peace process every time and wants to discuss only terrorism.

“You create hysteria in your country against Pakistan. Whenever we try to speak ….You want to bulldoze us to whatever is your point of view.

He also accused India’s intelligence agency RAW for carrying out attacks in Pakistan from Afghanistan, adding that Pakistani intelligence agencies had sufficient evidence of Indian funding for militants active in Pakistan.


  1. One should listen to the entire interview of Musharraf by this young journalist. I was really astonished to see Musharraf fimbling for answers, contradicting himself often when cornered, being careful on blurting out something that would go against him in court cases pending against him. Loss of authority can make a powerful and confident general look like vegetable.

    I saw another picture of him heading to hospital for a check up straight from the interview.

  2. He is full of BS and cannot be trusted, he tried to fool the Western world in syphoning Billions of Dollars under the pretext of providing security from terrorist and skillfully hid Osama in his backyard. He pretended to offer peace and stabbed India in the back! The guy should be hanged!

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