Redefining what it means to be a desi aunty



We all know how annoying, noesey and downright judgmental desi aunties can be sometimes. But one artist feel our aunties get too much of a bad rap and has set out to change this widely held belief by illustrating their true badass side.

“These are the aunties we love, and even the ones that sometimes get on our nerves, reimagined as a fearsome posse that kicks ass and are united by their red dupattas,” said Toronto-based artist and writer, Hana, in an interview to BuzzFeed.

Hana even gave the aunties signature action moves, calling them ‘Street Fighter Aunty Moves’. Unsurprisingly, the aunties use articles of food and clothing to kick ass.

The artist also shared her experience of being a brown person living in the West. “I love my brownness, so to speak, because it connects me with this strong, incredible heritage and allows me to bond with other phenomenal brown women.”

“We are often unappreciated in the Western art scene, our work can go unnoticed. But I encourage my fellow brown girl artists to keep at it and to know that their creativity and expression is vital and beautiful,” she said.

She frequently uploads her art works on Tumblr and Instagram.




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