People who threatened me were killed, Shehla Raza cautions Sindh MPAs


Sindh Assembly sessions often depict scenes from a fish market. Wednesday was no different.

As opposition lawmakers turned to the custom of engaging in noisy debates, speaking out of turn and halting normal proceedings, acting speaker Shehla Raza, known for her bizarre, off-the-cuff remarks, appeared to have hurled a veiled threat at an opposition lawmaker.

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) lawmaker Muhammad Hussain, whose microphone had been turned off so that proceedings could continue, was pointing and yelling at Raza.

“Put down your hand and speak,” Raza yelled at him.

“You are very sick, take a chill pill,” she told Hussain, adding, “Someone give him a pill,” while addressing lawmakers.

Since Hussain’s mic was off, one can only guess what he was saying, to which Raza responded with “Threats against me will not fly. People who have threatened me have been killed.”

This is not the first time Sindh Assembly Deputy Speaker, Shehla Raza has had to preside over what one can only term a ‘lively’ assembly session.

Last year, the Sindh Assembly speaker offered lawmakers with trouble understanding the constitution a “lesson of English”.

Raza also coaxed giggles from assembly members after an ‘ammi-beta’ exchange with Leader of the Opposition Sindh Assembly Sheheryar Mehr.