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Rs 920 million corruption scandal revealed in Pakistan Railways

The 2014 audit report has revealed what could be a Rs 920 million corruption scandal in Pakistan Railways (PR).

The news agency Online claimed to have documents which showed corruption and financial mismanagement of Rs 920 million in reconstruction and overhauling of the railway track from Khanawal to Raiwand.

The 2014 audit report says that about 159 bridges of Khanawal to Raiwand railway track had to be overhauled and reconstructed under this project and a PC-1 had been prepared for it. Approximately Rs 277 million had been allocated for the reconstruction and overhaul of these bridges. A contract in this regard had also been awarded to a construction company.

The news agency reported that the project director had sanctioned Rs 920 million to the concerned contractors while taking top officials of Pakistan Railways into confidence.

The surplus payment made by officials of Pakistan Railway was identified in audit report of 2014.

“According to PC-1 Rs 234 million has to spent on overhauling and reconstruction of existing bridges while Rs 43 million on signals. The corrupt official have paid surplus amount of Rs 787 million for the construction of the bridges while Rs 130 million were given for the construction and installation of signals without seeking prior permission from Ministry of Planning,” the report added.

Sources said that high-level investigation had been commenced against top railway officials including the project director.

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