Lahore police show off shiny new digital ops room



The Lahore Police inaugurated the operation (OPS) room in the office of DIG operations on Tuesday.

A simple ceremony was held to mark the inauguration of the OPS room in which CCPO Lahore Cap (r) Amin Wanis, DIG operations Dr Haider Ashraf and Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) Chairman Dr Umar Saif participated.

The official sources said that the step is aimed at changing the police culture through the help of technology.

The command and control OPS room is a state-of-the-art and the first of its kind operation in which all the CCTV cameras of the city would be monitored, Dr Haider Ashraf said while talking to media personnel. He said that the project was expedited with the help of PITB and the Lahore Police had managed to complete it within its allocated budget.

Dr Haider Ashraf told media personnel on the occasion that CCTV cameras would be installed in all the police stations of the city and they would be monitored through this control room. He said that the performance of the police officials would also improve as they would be able to monitor any situation through the control room.

“Bio-metric attendance machines have also been installed in police stations with the help of Punjab Information Technology Board,” he said.

CCPO Lahore Cap (r) Amin Wanis said that while the project had given comprehensive access to police officers to deal with any developing situation, it had also provided unprecedented access to common people as they would be able to register their FIRs through the use of technology. The 8330 SMS service, which was initiated by the Lahore Police a few months ago, had received an encouraging response by the citizens as most of the complaints of people had been resolved within a short amount of time. He said that the patrolling police officials have been given android phones which are connected with the control room.

“The PBIT has worked with so many government organisations and given its expertise to them but the pace with which the Lahore Police has adopted these technological developments is unprecedented,” PBIT Chairman Dr Umar Saif told the reporters. He said that technology becomes successful when people make it so and the Lahore Police had proved that exceedingly well. Dr Saif said that the technology must be applied in all the police stations of the province in order to effectively control the crime rate.

The command and control room was first established in Model Town Police Station and was then expanded to other police divisions of the city. Now, the state-of-the-art room has been established to monitor all the police stations. The control room has been connected with other police stations while tech savvy staff has been hired and trained to man the room.

Citizens can register their complaints by sending an SMS to 8330 and it immediately gets referred to the concerned police station.


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