Gen Raheel says Balochistan a hotbed of regional, global proxy war

QUETTA: Chief of Army Staff Raheel Sharif addressing a seminar on Balochistan Day. INP PHOTO

Army chief General Raheel Sharif has said Balochistan has become a hotbed of proxy wars for regional and global powers pursuing a grand strategy.

Speaking at a seminar on peace and prosperity on Tuesday, Gen Raheel said foreign adversaries were more than eager to exploit any opportunity to destabilise Pakistan by “harbouring, training and funding dissidents and militants”.

“This is a battle that we all are fighting, and we shall continue to fight till peace prevails across the width and breadth of the province,” he said.

Gen Raheel said the law enforcement agencies and the people of Balochistan had defended the integrity of Pakistan with unflinching resolve.

“Terrorists were externally supported and internally facilitated,” he said.

The COAS said the LEAs had conducted over 2,400 intelligence-based operations in Balochistan since August 2014 during which 204 lives were sacrificed.

Giving his perspective on the current security situation, Gen Raheel said overtime, diverse and divergent interests have led the province to most complex problems.

Lack of developed infrastructure, extreme poverty, poor educational and health facilities, and rampant unemployment lend credibility to the complaints of the aggrieved section of society, he added.

The army said issues were further complicated by the foreign interference across a porous border spanning hundreds of kilometers, a challenge for the civil armed forces of the province.

For this purpose, efforts are underway for the capacity building of security forces,” he said.

“I understand that use of force brings nothing but destruction, distress and suffering, often to those who had no part in it. Involvement of the people and state institutions, therefore, is the correct way forward for the prosperity of Balochistan.”

Youths are Balochistan’s future, army chief said, adding Pakistan Army was working to impart education to 25,000 youngsters of the province.


  1. The political leadership is not ready to accept the realities behind the conflict and still sponsoring groups who are part and parcel of proxy war . Army can only win war with support of people and eliminating root cause of terrorism .

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