First the hell then the high water


After long delays in Jail Road signal-free corridor project, the contractor clears out in haste leaving screws and nails on the road causing punctured tyres

A number of commuters had to contend with punctured tyres while passing through the Jail Road underpass/flyover because the contractor removed the scaffoldings in haste as the authorities prepared for a visit from the top leadership in Punjab.

The contractor left the screws, nails and bolts scattered on the road in a bid to clear the site in haste.

According to sources, patch work was being carried out on the road when a VVIP personality’s visit was scheduled for the construction site. The constructors removed the scaffolding in haste in order to show that work on the project had been completed.

The construction work of the signal free corridor at Jail Road Lahore has been causing problems for the citizens since the start of the project. Thousands of commuters have to use this road on a daily basis as several educational institutions and trauma centers are located in the vicinity.

Tauseef Ahmad, a citizen whose car got punctured due to screws lying around on the road, told Pakistan Today that the delay in completion of the project was causing enormous problems for the people.

“The project has been going on for almost a year and is still incomplete despite repeated claims of the government that it would be completed before the deadline,” he lamented. The government had claimed that the project would be completed in four months but the construction work of the project is still in progress.

Another citizen, Muhammad Abid Hussain, who was going to Services Hospital, told Pakistan Today that he was going to inquire after the health of his relative but his car was punctured due to a shard from the building material. He said that the government must take care of the misery of its citizens and the project must be completed as soon as possible keeping in view that it has already been too late.

The signal free corridor project was started with an estimated cost of Rs 1.3 billion but the project has overrun its cost due to prolonged delay.