Rangers arrest Lyari gang war leader Uzair Baloch


Sindh Rangers arrested the notorious leader of the Lyari gang war, Uzair Baloch on Saturday during a search operation on the outskirts of Karachi.

A press release issued by the paramilitary force stated, “The gang leader was arrested in a targeted operation outside Karachi, in the early hours of Saturday as he attempted to enter the metropolis.”

Baloch was a former chief of the defunct Peoples Aman Committee (PAC).

Declared ‘most-wanted criminal’ by the Sindh government, Baloch had been in the custody of the Abu Dhabi police for nearly three months. He was detained in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) based on Interpol’s red-warrant on December 29 at the Dubai-Oman border.

Baloch was implicated in several cases by the Pakistani government. However, he managed to escape to the Middle East.

As he was crossing over from Oman, Dubai border security personnel apprehended him.

The security officials, on the basis of suspicion, put him through an eye-scan check that found he was on the Interpol’s most-wanted list.

Uzair was subsequently handed over to the Abu Dhabi police and his case was sent to the court for repatriation to Pakistan.


  1. Lyari was another of a strong fort of PPP of ZAB after Punjab. Even Benazir selected to marry that infamous Mr 10% – that unlucky woman – in a ground in Lyari called Kikri Ground. There were many blind supporters of PPP but with times it all faded away. And faded away because the another of a leaders like Mr 10% ignored them. Instead, encouraged gangsters and sided with them. Uzair Baluch was a staunch supporter and was used by PPP to settle score with many rivals of PPP. But once that did, he was disowned like Saulat Mirza was by MQM. Having a lot of PPP corruption secrets in his stomach, he was thought to be a 'security risk, and started to think get rid of him. Sind Police was after him. And he fled out of the country. He was trapped through the Interpol only once Mr 10% and his family was in a safe heaven – the USA. Here he is. Watch for further developments.

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