Finger print verification equipment


I am disappointed that even after the reasonable passage of time the Election Commission of Pakistan has not managed to resolve many issues. The latest LG elections had many images and videos of illegal votes being posted. And there have been many controversial reports of wrong voting. Astonishingly when the vote bags of sitting Railways Minister were checked, it was stated that the bags contained more rubbish than votes, but even still he was allowed to remain a Federal Minister through a prolonged stay order that was not contested very strongly.

With all these issues and controversies, the logical solution would be to incorporate a process of checking voter finger prints to remove illegal votes. The Election Commission of Pakistan had imported a specialised equipment after the 2013 election that could check all the fingerprints. And although the EC did not use this equipment, it was utilised to successfully trace the fingerprints of a woman who stole a baby from a hospital in Faisalabad, which shows that the equipment works.

Why is the Election Commission of Pakistan shying away from its responsibilities? Is there another sinister motive behind this delay?