Aitzaz calls for forming national government


Calling Nawaz Sharif-led administration a dysfunctional government, senior PPP leader Senator Aitzaz Ahsan on Friday called for formation of a national government after ousting the incumbent federal government.

Talking to a private media outfit, Ahsan accused Prime Minister Sharif and his cabinet members of plunder, and said “these cowards cannot do any harm to terrorists”.

He said a joint session of parliament should be convened to take parties into confidence over a national government.

Continuing his tirade, the PPP leader said that all federal ministers were cowards and they should be fired. “Those who are not terrorists are being projected as militants… Dr Asim Hussain might be a corrupt person, but he is certainly not a terrorist,” he went on to say.


  1. I can agree with him when he says that Dr Asim may not be a terrorist but sure could be a corrupt being a 'friend' and confidant of ' one of the most corrupt leaders of South Asia' – that Mr 10%. But that does not qualify him to demand a National Government because he himself had been defending the Most corrupt of PMs in the courts.

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