Stop worrying about Lahore, pay attention to Karachi instead, Qadri tells Bilawal



Punjab government spokesman Zaeem Hussain Qadri on Thursday advised Bilawal to stop criticising public welfare projects at the behest of political dwarfs, and said his statements were childish and ridiculous.

In response to Bilawal’s criticism of the Metro train project, Qadri said that at the time when children were dying in Tharparkar district of Sindh due to hunger Bilawal and his father were living peacefully.

Qadri said that the Metro train project would provide high-quality transport facilities to millions of citizens, adding that there was no chance of damage to any historical place of Lahore.

Qadri said that the route of Metro train had been designed keeping in view the preservation of historical places and experts of Archeological and Environment Departments had also issued NOCs in this respect.

He advised Bilawal not to worry about Lahore and pay attention to open manholes in Karachi instead. He said that placing lids on open manholes by a citizen of Karachi was a slap on the face of PPP government.

The spokesman further said that service to the people was a mission of the PML-N government and it would fulfill its agenda of public service by rising above unjustified criticism of political opponents.


  1. Why worry Mr Qadri ? He is trying to revive the party – making base in Punjab like his Nana did. No matter if dozens are children are dying in Thar due to starvation and lack of medical facilities. But he, alongwith Dad and sisters is holidaying in US these days – I read in the press. Do they worry for these deaths ?

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