Federal, Sindh govt tussle over Rangers’ extension continues


There seems to be no end in sight for the feud between the federal government and Pakistan People’s Party-led Sindh government over the extension of exclusive powers granted to the Rangers.

Sources say that despite informal talks between both the federation and the provincial government, both parties remain inflexible over the issue and none of them appears to be prepared to back down on their demands.

The Sindh government is urging that power granted to the security agency be limited and be relaxed.

The Federal Interior Ministry has responded and said that no compromise shall be made on the issue. It further stated that the notification for allowance of extension of powers would be made according to the constitution.

Speaking earlier, Interior Minister Nisar said that in addition to a targeted operation in Karachi, one is needed in interior Sindh as well. He said that the responsibility of maintaining peace lies with provinces also.

The federal minister criticized National Assembly (NA) Opposition Leader Khurshid Shah by saying that he took an ‘immense advantage of his position’ in the House.