Qadri’s supporters ‘occupy’ Lahore’s Mall Road

LAHORE, PAKISTAN, JAN 25: Members of Fidayan-e-Khatm-e-Nabuwat Pakistan chant slogans against execution that sentenced to Mumtaz Qadri murdered of slain Governor Punjab Salman Taseer during protest rally at Mall road in Lahore on Monday, January 25, 2016. (Babar Shah/PPI Images).


The Mall Road of Lahore remained blocked for several hours on Monday as hundreds of supporters of convicted murderer Mumtaz Qadri staged a sit-in at Faisal Chowk demanding the removal of the death penalty served on the self-confessed killer of former Punjab governor Salmaan Taseer.

Around 1,000 protesters stayed on the Mall Road late into the cold Lahore night reciting Na’ats and chanting slogans which mostly ranged from mild defiance to open threats and abuses. The protesters had erected barbed wires and did not let any traffic move causing a massive gridlock on adjacent roads.

Mumtaz Qadri was awarded death sentence after he killed former Punjab governor Salman Taseer, while he was performing duties as his guard. Qadri exhausted his appeals options after the Supreme Court upheld his death penalty saying in its ruling that objections to blasphemy law did not constitute blasphemy and at any rate, Qadri had no authority to kill the governor. Qadri recently filed a mercy petition to the president to avoid the death penalty.

Qadri’s followers and sympathisers have since held a number of protest demonstrations against his conviction.

On Monday, protesters caused a huge traffic deadlock on the Mall Road as they occupied the square in front of the Punjab Assembly causing nuisance to a number of commuters.

A number of ambulances were seen stuck in the massive traffic jams. Several patients, lawyers, students, teachers and government employees were also held up in the traffic, some of them for hours. Many of them demanded stern action against the protesters.

Arslan Maqsood, a student who is preparing for his CSS exam and was stuck in traffic, told Pakistan Today that it was unfair to block such an important road as it increased the misery of the commuters significantly. He said that the protesters had torn into pieces the National Action Plan (NAP) by showing open defiance and delivering provocative speeches against the government even as police and other law enforcement agencies kept their distance and let them do whatever they wanted. He said that it would be a defeat of the State if Mumtaz Qadri is released due to the pressure of these protesters.

“The use of loudspeakers at a public place and inciting the participants to violence must be a crime keeping in view the critical security situation of the country,” he maintained.

The protesters were carrying placards to show support for Mumtaz Qadri and demand his release. The religious leaders hailing from the Sunni sect were taking promises from the participants that they would not allow the government to function if Qadri is not released. Some media persons were also asked to shout slogans in favour of Qadri if they wanted to cover the protest.

Syed Tajammal Hussain, a government employee who works in Punjab Civil Secretariat told Pakistan Today that it took three hours to reach Ganga Ram Hospital from his office because of the traffic jam. He was of the view that government must not allow the protesters to block the Mall Road and should allot a permanent place of protest to them like Nasir Bagh or Race Course Park.

“The traffic problems have significantly increased since the start of construction work on Orange Line Train and whenever a protest happens, commuters suffer badly,” he concluded.

Rana Abdul Rehman, a practicing lawyer, said that some of his clients could not reach his office due to the traffic gridlock on the Mall. He was critical of the protesters as he said that Qadri had been offered due process of law, which was a lot more than he offered to a representative of the State before he brutally gunned him down. He said that the State must not allow the protesters to make a joke of the constitution and judicial process of the country.


  1. Awake stupid writer. This shows you lack knowledge. Remember the time what Quaid-e-azam said about Ghazi ilm uddin Shaheed and remember that it was Quaid who fought the case in favor of ilm uddin shaheed. I think you are a follower of Qadiyani that is why speaking such rubbish against Mumtaz Qadri. Shame on you if you call yourself a Muslim. You will be questioned after death!

    • I have a million times that the Indians / Americans / Jews support the TTP and other murderers who are destroying our country.

      However that is not true – these killers are supported by blind idiots and fanatics.

    • Our Prophet (PBUH) would have never supported a murderer who killed a man by shooting him in the back. Not only is Qadri confused, but he is also a coward. And now that death is near for him, he cries and begs like a worthless creature for his life to the President. I hope he is executed quickly so that he gets his true punishment in hell:

      "But whoever kills a believer intentionally – his recompense is Hell, wherein he will abide eternally, and Allah has become angry with him and has cursed him and has prepared for him a great punishment." QURAN 4:93

    • 1) Ilm-ud-din was Farrukh Hussain claimed that he was not guilty and had two witnesses to support his plea.
      2) Two witnesses from the prosecution side claimed that he was guilty.
      3) Jinnah was then sought to appear in the APPEAL at the Lahore High Court.
      4) Jinnah attacked the testimony of the prosecution witnesses but the court overruled his arguments. He was convicted and given the death penalty according to the Indian Penal Code
      5) Jinnah then appealed on the grounds of extenuating circumstances, saying that he was a man of 19 or 20 who was affected by feelings of veneration for the founder of his faith. He asked for the death sentence to be commuted to transportation for life. This contention was also rejected

      6) Jinnah did not go and threaten anyone or take out any processions. He accepted the ruling of the Court.
      7) You cannot murder people and expect to get away. Qadri brings out the worse in us. It is his right to be hanged.

  2. And for you kind information Mumtaz Qadri never appealed to government it was a few Ullema who passed the appeal and Mumtaz Qadri says that if he is born again he would kill Gustakh Salman Tasker again. So Mr Liar and stupid writer stop faking news and misguiding innocent people and respected citizens of Pakistan. If you are a Qadiyani then don’t post news don’t be biased.

    • The Holy Prophet (PBUH) did not say a word to the people who threw trash on him and Qadri is killing people who criticize a Pakistani law about blasphemy. Taseer didn't even say anything about our Prophet (PBUH). Unfortunately, illiterate people such as you don't read on fact and make facts up.

  3. It is not understandable as to why Supreme Court is not taking suo moto action and book them in contempt case, as they are protesting against the decision of Apex Court. Govt has also failed to establish its authority and looks miserable and helpless.

    • su moto means on its own, or a the their own discretion. It is not mandatory for any judge of the court take su moto action.

  4. As long as we keep on instilling glorification of killing and dying in the name of religion, in our youth, this will not stop.

    Religious zealotry ruined Pakistan.

  5. Who is the twisted mullah who is inciting people to protest for a confessed, convicted murderer?… this is the evil mindset that is poisoning Pakistan…

  6. Mr.Qadri has been sentenced to death by the highest court in Pakistan. Why may I ask is the Govt. hesitating Justice delayed is justice denied. How long will this murderer be glorified. Why is he asking for mercy when heaven awaits him–or it hell he is scared of?

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