16,000 kg spoiled meat seized, 100 suspects arrested in Rawalpindi  



Rawalpindi Food Department on Thursday confiscated at least 16,000 kilograms unhygienic rotten meats in Sadiqabad and Dhok Kala Khan Areas.

Assistant commissioner Ahmed Ahsan Ranjah and slaughter general manager (GM) Dr Farkh took action meat smugglers who brought it from Jhang and arrested two suspects who were identified as Ghulam Mustafa alias Muna and Ishtaq.

The seized meats destroyed in a slaughter house.

Meanwhile, police during search operation has arrested more than 100 suspects in the limits of Ratha Amral police station.

Search operation was conducted by police in Hazara Colony, Railway Colony, and Dhok Hassu areas. 15 Afghan nationals were among the arrested suspects. A case has been registered against them under the Foreign Act. Investigation is underway from the detainees.