Minister says Austria will make itself “less attractive” to migrants


Austria’s finance minister said on Tuesday the government would agree this week on measures to further secure the country’s borders and make it “less attractive” to migrants.

The government is holding a meeting on Wednesday with provincial and local leaders to address the wave of migration into Europe via the Balkans and Austria.

“There will be a bundle of measures that go in the direction of securing the borders, that go in the direction of a discussion about an upper limit (to the number of migrants),” Finance Minister Hans Joerg Schelling, a conservative, said on the sidelines of a Euromoney conference in Vienna.“There will be measures that we demand from the European Union and there will be measures on how we make Austria less attractive.”

Hundreds of thousands of migrants have entered Austria since it and Germany threw open their borders in early September.

The vast majority moved on to its larger neighbour, but a fraction have stayed.