Kathak dancer entertains audience for cultural projects


Renowned Kathak dancer Farah Yasmeen Shaikh enthralled the audience of twin cities here late Sunday at Pakistan National Council of the Arts in a show arranged for collecting donations for cultural projects.

The show entitled `Kathak – A Classical Dance Performance’ was arranged by Asian Study Group (ASG) – a voluntary non-profit organization, to allow people to learn more about the culture and customs of the Asian region in general and Pakistan in particular.

Farah is recognized internationally for her powerful evocative storytelling technical precision, delicacy and grace. She brings a clairvoyant voice to the contemporary stage whilst simultaneously maintaining the deep roots and traditional aspects of `Kathak’.

Trained for two decades by Kathak icon, the late Pandit Chitresh Das, she was a lead dancer in the Chitresh Dance Company.

Performing art critics term Farah as the one who mesmerize the audience with amazing unpredictable rhythmic exchange, storytelling, creative strength and innovation. The passionate focus of the dancer is always thrilling whether it is bewildering, mathematic beat or a luminous expression dramatized by a perfect frozen movement in time.

Farah, a superb Kathak exponent in her own right, breathes life into the gripping narrative. A truly significant artist ignites the crowd with her inspired rhythms and dazzling footwork, said the organizers.