Police fail to recover boy kidnapped 3 months ago


Family of a boy kidnapped three months ago protested against police on Friday in District Council Chowk, Faisalabad.

12-year old Shahbaz left home for Maddrisa three months ago and never came back. The kidnappers contacted the family of Shahbaz and demanded ransom money, to which the family informed police. But even after 3 months, police could not release the child. During last three months, police arrested a suspect from Ghulam Muhammadabad area but released him after a few days. The family of the child protested against police by blocking the busy Chowk and burning tyres. The protestors were holding placards. Father of the boy told media that the kidnappers have threatened them that they will sell the kidneys of Shahbaz if the ransom is not paid soon. Family and neighbours of Shahbaz said that police are not helping them and have failed to perform their duty.