Audit report reveals scandals involving Water and Power Ministry, Punjab govt


Rs 25 billion scandal revealed in Ministry of Water and Power; Punjab govt utilised Rs 230 billion without provincial assembly’s approval

A huge scandal, possibly worth Rs 25 billion has been revealed in the Ministry of Water and Power as the department’s secretary gave green-signal to Ministry of Finance on a plain paper under the head of payments to NTDC and GENCO.

The news agency Online claimed to have documents which revealed that the audit officials had told the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) that the Water and Power secretary confirmed in the departmental committee that payments worth Rs 25 billion had been made on plain receipts. PEPCO had record of the cash establishment, the audit officials’ report stated.

According to the report PEPCO officials were directed to submit the record with the Auditor General within two days. However, no receipts have been submitted even after several weeks. The report indicated that this could be a huge corruption scandal and high officials of the ministry could be key players in it.

Audit officials questioned why the Water and Power secretary had given a green signal to Ministry of Finance on a plain paper. The report further said that thorough investigation should be made into the matter and action should be taken against corrupt officials.


Audit officials, in a report, revealed that the Punjab government had utilised approximately Rs 230 billion rupees without getting the approval of the provincial assembly.

According to the report, the provincial finance ministry issued Rs 16 billion to various departments over and above the funds allocated in the budget.

The report said that Rs 190billion provided to various departments were never used.

“Punjab government gave Rs 5.5 billion to various departments without the permission of Punjab Provincial Assembly,” the report said.

Audit officials said that the Punjab government spent Rs 420 million, which were not mentioned in the annual budget.

As per report, the provincial departments overspent their allocated budget by Rs 17 billion without getting the approval of the provincial assembly.