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Pakistanis stand 10th on Sanguine Index across globe

Despite numerous challenges and sacrifices against terrorism, Pakistanis stands at the 10th position in the index of expectations and hopes, showing optimistic attitude towards life, says a survey conducted by Gallup international.

The WIN/Gallup International Association recently interviewed 65,000 people from 68 countries, and concluded that Saudi Arabia was 56 per cent hopeful, Vietnam 55 per cent, Argentina 53 per cent, while India came ninth with 47 per cent and Pakistan was on 10th with 42 per cent, Khaleej Times reported.

Moreover, Bangladesh was at forefront of the standings with 74 per cent and then China with 70 per cent, at the third spot was Nigeria at 68 per cent, fourth was Fiji at 61 per cent, and Morocco at fifth with 57 per cent.

Saudi Arabia has been ranked as the world’s third happiest nation and ninth most hopeful country with an economic future.

The ranking was based on a poll conducted by Gallup International for Independent Research.

According to the poll, the happiest country in the world is Colombia, and the unhappiest country is Iraq.

According to the Happiness International Index based on the poll findings, Colombia is the happiest country at 85 per cent, Fiji second at 82 per cent, Saudi Arabia third at 82 per cent, Azerbaijan fourth at 81 per cent and fifth Vietnam at 80 per cent.

The economic index puts Nigeria first at 61 per cent in terms of people feeling good about their economic future, Bangladesh at 60 per cent, China in third place at 53 per cent, Pakistan at 50 per cent, India at 44 per cent, Morocco at 44 per cent, Fiji at 39 per cent and Saudi Arabia in ninth place at 32 per cent, and Argentina in 10th place.

The countries least economically hopeful for this year were Argentina at 65 per cent, Austria at 49 per cent, Italy at 47 per cent and Hong Kong at 45 per cent.

The countries with least expectations and hope were Italy ranked first by 37 per cent, second Iraq at 35 per cent, Greece at 28 per cent, followed by Palestine at 27 per cent while Bosnia and Herzegovina 23 per cent, Lebanon 20 per cent, Tunisia 12 per cent, followed by Afghanistan with 11 per cent, Belgium 11 per cent, and Mexico with 11 per cent.

The Gallup research revealed 66 per cent of respondents around the world feel joy and happiness about their lives in 2015, while 23 per cent of the respondents said their feelings crossed between happiness and not, while 10 per cent indicated dissatisfaction with life. The number of people happy in 2015 went down by 4 per cent from the previous year, which amounted to 70 per cent.

The poll found that 45 per cent of the world population is optimistic about the global economic outlook for the current year, the pessimists accounted for 22 per cent, while 28 per cent noted that the economy will maintain the same pace.

The overall outlook for the current year was optimistic at 54 per cent, while over 16 per cent said they were pessimistic about this year.

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