Karachi operation to continue come hell or high water, says Sindh Rangers DG


Sindh Rangers Director General Maj Gen Bilal Akbar said that the Karachi operation would continue, and there are no hurdles that cannot be resolved with both tiers of the government i.e. the Sindh and federal government.

He was speaking at an event where the business community was present.

Akbar further assured traders that no action will be taken against any businessperson or industrialist who has been the victim of extortion and such individuals are not being considered as ‘facilitators’. “Not a single member of the Business Community will be taken into custody on the basis of just suspicion. As of today, I don’t have anything serious against any businessman, any industrialist or any trader,” he said.

“The element of fear has been reducing and it will reduce further in the days to come. Our operation is not against any political entity but only against criminals, and it will continue without any discrimination. We will never allow anyone to hold strikes, shut down petrol pumps or set ablaze vehicles,” he said.

Referring to concerns expressed by Siraj Kassam Teli about the politicisation of the police and suggestions about depoliticising and capacity building, along with implementation of an effective system for ensuring sustainable peace, the DG said that he was also worried about the issue.

He said that the reformation of police must also happen simultaneously with the ongoing Karachi Operation in order to make police department responsible enough to play the lead role in maintaining peace across Karachi city. He also offered Rangers’ assistance in the capacity building, recruitment and training of police officers so that they could efficiently maintain peace on long term and sustainable basis.

In reply to KCCI’s request, DG Rangers agreed to reactivate Rangers Cell at KCCI premises where Rangers’ officials will be available to listen to and resolve issues being faced by KCCI members.



  1. Not only appreciate his resolve but wish him and his force all the best. The business community and the people of this hostage city for the last three decades, have felt the difference. Wish the Rangers all the best for the larger benefit of the scared population.

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