Thar kids continue to die of malnutrition, water-borne disease


Some 27 children have died in the desert areas of Thar due to malnutrition and other water-borne disease since the start of new year while the health officials in the area’s main hospital are forcing the parents to discharge their ailing kids to deflect public attention from rising deaths.

Four children belonging to rural areas of Nagarpar and three from Mithi, Islamkot and Diplo died before being taken to a hospital on Friday.

Parents complained that doctors at Civil Hospital Mithi, the main hospital in Thar, had refused to admit their sick children and asked them to go to Hyderabad for treatment. Even parents of those kids, who luckily got admission, were also forced by doctors and paramedics to take their patients to other cities for their proper treatment.

They claimed it was an attempt by the health officials to hide their incompetence and divert attention of people from the fact that this year again malnutrition and other diseases were taking lives of children.

Sindh Minister for Food Syed Naseer Hussain Shah, who is also member of the committee constituted by the Sindh chief Minister, has expressed concern over the performance of the health officials during his recent visit to Mithi. He, however, said that the situation was not as alarming as was being portrayed by media. Meanwhile, a number of animals, including sheep and goats, have died in many Thar villages due to diseases caused by drought conditions. According to Dr Ghansham Das, Deputy Director Livestock Department Tharparkar, cattle heads were dying of pneumonia and other diseases.


  1. If Wadda Sain and his howling Chief Advisor Chandio can spare some time to look into Thar problem. The toothless CM has always said " sab accha hai". And the PPP leadership is busy fighting a loosing war. One sitting across the Arabian Sea and has fielded all his Aulad to revive the sinking party, a task even he himself can not accomplish.

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