Teacher suspended for getting labour work from school girls


Executive District Officer (EDO) Education Tahira Shafiq Chisti on Saturday suspended a school teacher on the charge of getting labour work from school girls.

On information, she said that a teacher of Govt Primary School Kharal Azeem named as Shahina Kausar had directed school girls to shift bricks inside the school from outside.

The EDO ordered an inquiry into the incident, in which the teacher was found guilty through a video proof.

On personal hearing in front of EDO, the teacher concerned confessed that she directed school girls to shift bricks inside the school building.

However, EDO Tahira Shafiq suspended Shahina and directed to stop her annual increments for three years and also issued her transfer orders.


It is pertinent to mention here that two rooms of the school are under-construction under the non-salary budget allotted by the Punjab government.



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