CPEC under the cloud of suspicion


Beyond any iota of doubt, CPEC is a game changer for the entire region. It will open new doors of prosperity and stability for the whole region. In the same fashion, it will reinvigorate the fragile economy of Pakistan. Furthermore, the new venture may prove a catalyst in stabilisation of Pakistan’s economy. If Pakistan’s government wants to accomplish the aims and objects of CPEC, the incumbent regime has to disperse cloud of suspicions. In order to remove the cloud, the government has to resolve internal issues which impede the progress of CPEC.

Balochistan and KP have shown reservations against the CPEC. The latter has reservations regarding to the route while former has raised reservations on the project itself CPEC. The Baloch concerns are that the CPEC will transform Baloch majority population into minority and once again indigenous people would be made victim of deprivation. Besides that, militant and separatist organistaions in the region also pose a threat to the accomplishment of CPEC.

In order to reap the fruits of CEPC, the concerns of Balochistan and KP must be addressed. Gwadar port is located in Balochistan and any malicious activity may restrict the potential of CPE. All issues such as jobs, royalty and other benefits must be resolved through negotiations.