Corruption and crime in Pakistan


If successful prosecution and punishments were to be the yardstick of assessing crime, massive tax evasion, corruption, money laundering and sexual offenses in Pakistan, then I am afraid we are a model law abiding country, even better than Norway.

All these reports of target killings, missing containers, billions of rupees being pilfered daily by unchecked corruption and money laundering seem to be either just media hype, or what we are witnessing is a massive cover up by all these white collar criminals ganging together to protect each other, because not a single high profile criminal has been punished. The huge pile of files being moved in Geneva pertaining to SGS Cotecna and Swiss bank accounts, under the supervision of our High Commissioner to UK seem to be just a figment of imagination and so are charges of illegal grabbing of state and private real estate by powerful organised land mafia dons.

Since not a single murderer has been caught, are we to assume that no target killings took place, nor did over 350 police officers got killed in Karachi? PIA, PSM, OGDC, NICL or OEIBI etc were being run very transparently by their managements and no surplus employees were hired during 2008 to 2013, because not a single living soul has been prosecuted for such offences.