Flight captain feels sleepy, lands PIA plane at Karachi


Passengers on Saturday morning protested against the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) as its flight PK-747, bound for Sialkot from Jeddah, was landed in Karachi. Passengers refused to step off the plane in protest.

According to the irate passengers, the flight was already suffering from a six and a half hour delay from Jeddah after which the landing in Karachi became even a bigger nuisance.

The PIA administration stated that the aircraft was landed due to bad weather conditions. However, sources say that the flight captain’s duty timing had finished and he simply landed the plane in Karachi and went home. The rest of the crew then proceeded to switch off the air conditions and then left.


  1. Great people to fly with. And yet the Legislators opposing to privatise the 'infamous' Air-line. Any country will feel ashamed to own an Airline like PIA – even Somalia.

    • Airlines quality is gauged by its employees. The Captain just landed the plane and went home. Least to say he should be fired. My guess is, he will be promoted instead.

  2. A pilot can not legally do more than 10 hours of duty, if he exceeds 10 hours he can lose his flying license as per Civil Aviation Rules. No one can control weather, it's the PIA's managements duty to arrange another set of crew to operate a flight.

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