Sindh is being heard in the Rangers issue, says Rashid


Information Minister Pervez Rashid on Tuesday said that Rangers were working in Karachi through powers that were ‘sought’.

He said that their powers were extended for 60 days at the behest of the Sindh government.

“The stance of Sindh government was accepted and the interior minister extended the powers without increasing or decreasing them by even one day,” he said.

“Chief Minister (CM) Sindh is an elected CM and we respect him from the core of our heart. We recognise his government in Sindh and we will satisfy him,” he remarked.

He expressed these views while talking to a private T V channel.

Rashid held that powers had been given to Rangers in Karachi under the Anti Terrorism Act. Powers cannot be curtailed by making a hole in the umbrella of legal protection.

He added that the Sindh CM had told the premier that he would do whatever he was asked by him.