Amid disunity, PTI chief vows transparency in upcoming intra-party elections



Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan addressed disgruntled party workers in Karachi on Saturday, where he vowed transparency in the upcoming intra-party elections.

The party chief said he would not appoint anyone to the post of PTI officer bearers in Karachi on his own.

“You will decide who will be your leaders by electing them in the party elections,” he said, while addressing PTI workers at the Insaf House in Karachi.

Imran visited Karachi amid chaos and dissent within lower cadres of his party, who chanted slogans against the VIP culture as well as against some party candidates.

“You cannot eliminate any member by chanting slogans and Imran can never be blackmailed like this,” he said to the workers who were rallying against PTI leader Ali Zaidi for having failed to perform well in the recently-held local bodies elections.

The PTI chief regretted that the previous intra-party election were not transparent as it was the first time his party was holding the polls; however, he resolved that the upcoming elections would be carried out flawlessly.

“There is only one system for merit and that is election, wherein you can elect district-level representatives of the party,” he said.

Further, speaking about the political atmosphere of the metropolis, Imran said that there used to be a time when Karachi’s people were never satisfied with the State and would hold protests and strikes.

“All political movements of Pakistan were started from Karachi as people would hold demonstrations here until the city was made an ethnic domain,” the PTI chief said.

Regarding PTI’s success in Lodhran by-polls, Imran congratulated party workers in Karachi and said he would not let the matter of rigging go and will pursue justice.