3000 traffic cops working without salary



The delay in release of salaries to a large number of newly-appointed traffic policemen in Sindh has created unrest among them.

Official sources said that the newly-inducted traffic policemen were performing their duties without getting a single penny from the Traffic Police Department for the past 14 months.

They said that as many as 3,000 traffic policemen were recruited in Sindh province a year ago, blindly bypassing the vacancy strength rule and criterion.

Later, these cops were sent to perform their duties in different districts of Sindh including Karachi but none of them could get his/her salary till date.

An official said no other but the Traffic Police Department itself was responsible for this massive irregularity carried out in the recruitment process, while its sheet branch still seemed ineffective to send the documents of newly-appointed cops to the Accountant General of Sindh for regularisation of their salaries.

“No doubt the recruitment process in Sindh traffic police takes a bit time but long delays in issuance of salaries are only because of the inefficiency of relevant department’s sheet branches,” the official added, requesting anonymity.

He feared that one day when these traffic cops would finally get their salaries, the corrupt officials of the sheet branch office would get commissions and kickbacks from them.



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