Handling VIP movement


And people’s problems

How sad that the innocent, and the poor, continue to pay – with their lives – for the faults of the rich and powerful. Granted, VIP security is an issue that cannot just be brushed under the carpet. But when a hospital is closed to the public whenever a Bilawal Zardari visits there, even ambulances are not allowed to enter, and people actually die – an infant in this case – then the VIP cover is clearly stretched too far. PPP could hardly have come out with a worse response. Sindh Education Minister Nisar Khuhro should be reprimanded for saying “Bilawal’s security is more important”. And the Karachi Civil Hospital MS should also be taken to task – for trying to distort facts and blaming encroachments for the tragedy.

Perhaps PPP needs reminding that it rules over Sindh under a democratic dispensation, where not just the lives but also the views of people matter. And neither Bilawal’s security being more important than lives of ordinary people, nor the ‘investigation’ that the party has now ordered, nor Qaim Ali Shah’s offer of a government job for the poor girls’ father for that matter, will make this one wash away easily from people’s memories.

Also, it’s not as if this problem is restricted to Sindh or the People’s Party. Similar inconvenience is caused in other areas, especially Punjab, where people have long complained about waiting for hours in traffic so VIPs can make their way unhindered. Not too long ago a woman was forced to give birth in a rickshaw in Lahore because there the movement of powerful men ruled out any approach to the hospital. The only progressive response so far has come from PTI, which has vowed to stop traffic for VIP movement. There are, of course, serious security matters that cannot be overlooked. But neither can the welfare and concerns of the people. The government should give such matters more serious thought. VIP movement, or even street protests, should not make problems for the people.


  1. The observations in the Editorial are very reasonable. Bilawal stands nowhere as far as affairs of the Nation are concerned. He was presented the chairmanship of the Party in a silver platter by none else but his father – Mr 10% and 'one of the most corrupt leaders of South Asia'. Some two months ago, Zardari's daughter visited Karachi Zoo. The Zoo was closed for public. Not only, most of the Zoo staff were also not allowed to enter. Who could be next from Mr 10's family is best known to Mr Nisar Khoro – who lives in 19th century.

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