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Transporters demand complete policing powers for Rangers

Private transporters on Monday demanded the Sindh government to extend unconditionally the powers of the paramilitary Rangers across Sindh.

The protesting transporters threatened to go on strike for an indefinite period if their demands were not met.

Sindh Bus Owners’ Association President Mir Afzal Khan said the Sindh government had discouraged the transporters and business community through curtailing the powers of Rangers in Karachi.

He also demanded the government to give the paramilitary force a free hand to act against the corrupt in the larger interest of the people of Sindh. He said the Rangers should be given unbridled powers as a sense of security had developed among the citizens after the launch of ant-criminal operation in Karachi.

He said that the corruption of billion of rupees would have never been exposed after the joint action by federal investigation agencies had the Sindh government’s Anti-Corruption Department been efficient.

Khan said that foreign investors had started investing in the province only because of the better law and order situation so it was imperative that the Rangers were given complete policing powers.

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