Nawaz’s mother sought Sushma’s ‘promise’ for better Indo-Pak ties: report


Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj told Indian parliament last week that she had met Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, his mother, daughter and granddaughters during her visit to Islamabad earlier this month.

The Hindustan Times has reported that although the Indian diplomat did not delve into nostalgic and personal details regarding her meeting with Nawaz’s mother, Shamim Akhtar, sources had told the paper that the Pakistani premier’s mother had reportedly sought a ‘promise’ from Swaraj.

“You have come from my country, promise me you will return only after normalising the relationship,” Akhtar reportedly told Swaraj, as she hugged and kissed the Indian minister on her forehead during the meeting.

According to a source who accompanied Swaraj during her visit, the Indian minister in response sought Akhtar’s blessings saying, “Everything will be good in your shadow.”

Further, the premier’s mother is reported to have repeatedly referred to India as “my country.”

“She told Swaraj she was born in Bheem Ka Katra in Amritsar in undivided India,” the newspaper quoted the source as saying.

An emotional Akhtar also told Swaraj she was meeting somebody from her ‘homeland’ for the first time since partition. “The meeting was equally nostalgic for Swaraj,” the source said.

“Sharif’s mother had a grudge that she could never visit her “watan” (India) after partition, but was fond of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who had sent a shawl for her,” the newspaper added. “Whenever he [Modi] calls him [Sharif], he always enquires about me. I feel good,” Akhtar was further quoted as saying.

But this was not the end of their meeting. After upholding her promise as during her visit the two countries decided to resume talks., Swaraj reportedly sent a message for Akhtar through the premier’s daughter, Maryam Nawaz. “Tell your grandmother that I have kept my promise of normalising the relationship between the two countries,” Swaraj reportedly told Maryam over the phone before flying for India.


  1. I urge Govts. of India and Punjab to invite the aging daughter of this land to visit her PEKA (mayka) and JATTI UMRA her SAHURA GHAR (sasural), and fulfill her wish. This gesture will generate a lot of good will in India and Pakistan in the minds of those who has very strong desire to visit their birth place. Me too wish to see my parents birth place i.s. CHAK NO:119 JANOOBI, SARGODHA. I want to kiss the land of my father's village. Any one listening?

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