Gangster Baba Ladla’s younger brother makes startling revelations




Lyari’s gangster Baba Ladla’s younger brother Zakir Ladla on Sunday informed the authorities about the details of the gang war and the inner workings of the different gangs operating in the area.

The suspect Zakir Ladla has revealed that he was busy regrouping the gang after Baba Ladla and Zahid Ladla left Lyari but that the gang activities had been disrupted after crackdown by the police and Rangers.

He said that several suspects of the gang war are in hiding in Balochistan, Punjab and Interior Sindh. He further said that various prominent commanders of the gang war are hiding in areas surrounding the Chaman border.

Zakir Ladla said his brother Zahid Ladla had fled the country out of the fear of the targeted operation. He said boys of ages 12 to 14 are used to extort money in Karachi and that they used WhatsApp for communications purposes.