CJ and TP link canals


Actually most of the distrust between Punjab and Sindh on the water distribution is because of lack of understanding of ground realities. The Indus Water Treaty could not have taken away the three eastern rivers without providing replacement water to the canals in north and south Punjab which were under the command area of these rivers. Tarbela dam and the two barrages are part of the replacement works built for this purpose.

The dam was to store surplus flood water and CJ and TP link canals were to withdraw this surplus water for upper and lower south Punjab respectively, without in anyway interfering with the normal flow of the Indus. Without this arrangement 30 lakh acres in upper south Punjab and 15 lakh acres in lower south Punjab cannot be irrigated.

You cannot take away the rivers and also shut down Chashma-Jhelum and Taunsa-Panjnad link canals as Sindh demands.