Iphone Case Turns Into A Selfie Stick



If you’re too embarrassed to be seen carrying a selfie stick, but don’t have enough pride to write them off altogether, there’s a new iPhone case made with you in mind. Meet StikBox, the first selfie stick case for your iPhone. Because why carry two things when you can just carry one?

The genius multi-purpose case features a built-in selfie stick that extends when you need it and retracts when you don’t. Never again will you be left lamenting the lack of your selfie stick at the opportune moment. Now, whenever you have your phone, you’ll have a stick, too.

“One day I was walking through the market and I saw a stand that was selling selfie sticks and phone cases,” said Stikbox founder and CEO Yekutiel Sherman. “I asked ‘why carry two things, when you can carry one?’ With Stikbox, users get the functionality of both a protective phone case and a selfie stick all in one, which stays with them no matter where they go.”

The company has now launched a Kickstarter campaign with hopes of drumming up enough interest and capital to begin mass production, because really, who won’t want one of these babies? The case’s design really is quite sleek — just 0.6 inches deep, the case fully contains the 28.3-inch stick that just slides smoothly in and out at will. Whenever you want to utilize the stick, just pull, rotate, adjust your camera, and snap a photo. The individual aluminum segments easily cascade in and out for a seamless experience.

The case comes in a wide variety of colors, and even does double duty as a kickstand.

With 39 days to go, StikBox has already garnered the support of 31 backers and raised almost $3,000 of it’s nearly $50,000 goal. So if you’re looking to change your selfie stick game, this may just be the gift for you. You can back the campaign here and get one for $30.


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