14 doctors sacked for absence



Provincial Minister for Health Jam Mehtab Hussain Dahar on Friday removed 14 doctors from their service due to long absence from their duties without any prior information, while four doctors have been given minor punishment.

The health minister called 18 doctors for personal hearing but only four of them – Muhammad Umar, Zile Huma, Shahabuddin Rind and Masoor Ahmed – appeared for personal hearing. Dahar, after the hearing, imposed minor penalties on them and ordered to stop their annual increments, while 14 doctors despite repeated show cause notices did not appear for the hearing and were, therefore, removed from service.

Those sacked inlclude Dr Maria Afifa Baloch, Dr Malik Nasrullah, Dr Bilal Rind, Dr Asma Salam, Dr Sumera Jamil, Dr. Zeba, Dr. Sarwat, Dr. Safia, Dr. Fozia, Dr Muhammad Ishaque, Dr Arsalan Shaikh, Dr Suhail Noman, Dr Shahzad Ali and Dr Shahbana Farukh.

The minister warned all ghost employees of the health department to join their duties immediately; otherwise, they would be terminated from their service. The minister said that he would not bow to any amount of pressure and the absent doctors would be dismissed no matter how influential they were.