Sixth-grader threatened to be shot, called ‘son of ISIS’ in US


A middle-school student in Ohio has been accused of threatening to shoot and kill a Muslim schoolmate, calling him a ‘terrorist’ and a ‘towel head’.

A seventh-grade boy at Ohio’s Morton Middle School got into an argument with another student, a Muslim, and asked him whether was going to bomb him along with calling him a “son of ISIS”, according to a police report.

The seventh-grader told police that he got into an argument with a sixth-grader who is Muslim last week because the latter never wants to sit down and plays his music too loudly, the police report added.

The student also admitted to using racial slurs and telling the younger student he was responsible for bringing down the Twin Towers during 9/11 because he was Muslim, the report further said.

Another student said he witnessed the incident and immediately reported it to the school, which in turn alerted authorities. Further, a witness later told police that the seventh-grader said something about bringing a .40-caliber handgun to school the next day to end the argument. However, the seventh-grader denied the claim and said he did not remember saying anything about a gun.

However, when asked whether he could have mentioned the gun out of anger, he said he probably did, according to the report.


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