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Israeli raid on Palestenian refugee camp; 2 dead

An Israeli raid on a refugee camp led to clashes, resulting in the deaths of two Palestinians on Wednesday.

The Israeli soldiers raided a refugee camp near Ramallah and shot dead two Palestinians who allegedly sought to ram their cars into troops.

The Israeli military said three soldiers were wounded, including one seriously, but said it was investigating whether the injuries were due to stray bullets fired by other troops. A statement from the Israeli army disclosed:

“Tonight, during an operation to make arrests of wanted Palestinians and to seize arms in Qalandiya refugee camp, two attempted car-ramming attacks were made against security forces in two different parts of the camp.”

Four Palestinians were also wounded at the Qalandiya refugee camp in the occupied West Bank, located near a checkpoint at the entrance to Jerusalem, the Palestinian health ministry said.

Witnesses said clashes erupted during the raid and lasted for several hours. Two cars were later seen with a large number of bullet holes in the camp.

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