Rain in city to cure weather-related diseases


The citizens had a sigh of relief as the city received its first winter rain on Thursday which according to doctors will cure weather-related diseases.

The weather had been quite dry and chilly since past some days increasing the number of patients facing weather-related diseases. Every second person was facing cough, flu and fever because of dry weather and it was being said that a spell of rain can mitigate the effects of these diseases.

Dr Abdul Basit, an Emergency Medical Officer at Jinnah Hospital Lahore, told Pakistan Today that the emergency of hospital in the morning is flooded with patients facing weather-related diseases. He said that the immunity of body is decreased drastically in the foggy weather and therefore the viruses attack with impunity. He further added that the dry weather in this temperature is exactly suitable for the mushrooming of bacteria and virus. He was of the view that cough and fever are called communicable diseases as they transfer from one person to another. “When it rains and weather clears, the virus of these diseases die a natural death”, Dr Basit maintained. He commented that everyone should adopt preventive measures by using masks in the public for their own safety.

Usman Arshad, a patient who has been facing extreme cough and throat problem since past two weeks, told this scribe that doctor has suggested him to take proper sleep and wait for the rain as rain is the best phenomenon in this weather to get rid of these diseases. He was also advised by his doctor to use honey, soup and hot water in this condition. Dr Muhammad Saud Rana of Children Hospital Lahore said that the children are more vulnerable in the prevailing weather and they must be treated with acute care.

He told Pakistan Today that the chest infection is on the rise and some preventive measures can be useful in this condition. He said that everyone should wear warm clothes to remain safe in cold.

Medical Superintendent (MS) of Mayo Hospital Dr Amjad Shehzad told this scribe that the patients facing perennial diseases are the most vulnerable in the said weather as their old diseases can reemerge in the chilly weather. He further added that pneumonia among children in this weather is viral because their immunity is not up to the mark as compared to adults.

Dr Shehzad also said that the chances of dengue and malaria are very high as the weather is favourable for the growth of these viruses.

When asked that is it a myth or reality that rain is necessary for the cure of these diseases? He said that when it rains, the suspended particles of viruses in the air are depleted and the sky is cleared. He added that the removal of viruses from the air helps a lot in curing these diseases.

A spokesperson of Pakistan Meteorological Department told this scribe that the weather will be partly cloudy in next 24 hours and there are high chances of rain.



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