PIA reschedules flights due to fog



The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has rescheduled some of its flights going to Lahore and other parts of Punjab due to heavy fog in order to avoid delays and diversions.

A spokesman of the airline said that the passengers were being requested to check exact flight timings from the PIA call center before leaving for airports in fog affected areas, especially for flights during evening, night and early morning.

He said that Lahore airport had ILS Cat IIIB system in place, which supports landing even with 50-meter visibility. He said that all of the PIA’s Boeing 777 pilots had been trained for ILS Cat IIIB as its training simulator was available in Pakistan.

However, A-320 pilots had to be sent aboard for training. The spokesman said that the pilots were being sent in a phased manner and soon they would all receive their ILS Cat IIIB training.