Capital residents drinking contaminated water: report



Capital Development Authority is still unable to install the Membrane (water cleansing gadget) on filtration Plants, suggested by Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (PEPA), forcing more than 1.1 million population of the federal capital to drink contaminated water provided through filtration plants.

According to details, CDA is providing filthy and unhygienic water to the residents on behalf of filtration plants and the filters of the filtration plants have been set up in different locations but have not been cleaned or replaced for years.

The department of Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources had claimed that the water provided to the capital residents is unhygienic, which is causing the Hepatitis disease among the residents.

The PCRWR had in a report stated that the water of 22 filtrations plants out of a total of 28 were unhygienic and it was disclosed in the report that this water was causing Hepatitis A & E, Diarrhoea, typhoid and other diseases.

According to another report 200,000 children in Pakistan die every year due to drinking of unsafe water and more than 2.5 million citizens are affected by hepatitis disease.

The residents have urged the CDA and the CADD Minister of State to pay urgent attention to the water issue and ensure proper maintenance of filtration plants installed in different sectors of the capital.  They also demanded action against the concerned officials who have failed to pay due attention to the most important need of the people i.e. clean drinking water.