International Anti-Corruption Day


With reference to the International Anti-Corruption Day being celebrated today, I would like to say that we need to redefine the term ‘’corruption’’. We include all types of dishonest dealings in corruption. Misconduct and deception comprise corruption, misuse of power at any level is corruption, and any immoral, biased, dishonorable and manipulative move encompasses corruption.

I think we, as a society, have made it a habit to mold all definitions according to our opinions. We assume that politicians are the most corrupt of all. They have the black money and they are involved in all sorts of evil. I, however, believe that all of us are culprits. Students cheat in exams, teachers apply favouritism, bribery is common, financial frauds, even within families and organisations on a larger scale, are a routine matter and the list goes on. Can a student who cheats in exams grow up to be righteous? Can a teacher who comes to the class late every time be labelled as honest? Can a clerk who delays processing someone’s case just because he is not paid with a specific amount be mentioned as sincere? You cannot just blame the politicians, all of us need to mend our ways.

We need to learn that corruption in any form and at any level is unacceptable and is punishable. It must be dealt with iron hands in order to ensure a bright and principled future of this state.