Capital Police looting people in name of NAP




The police has started to loot the citizens in the name of National Action Plan (NAP) in all entry and exit routs and thickly populated areas of the twin cities.

Sources told Online that the citizens have to cross the police posts located on both sides while entering from Punjab into federal capital and Punjab police and capital police have setup posts in the areas including Bahara koh, Lohi Bher, Gun Gali and other areas. The citizens have to pass the search process on these posts daily.

In the non-availability of CNIC, the police personnel deputed on these posts create problems while raising irrelevant questions and even demand money.

Sources further told that police post Gun Gali, located in the jurisdiction of Police Station Khutta, often off-load the Pushton national passengers from public vans bound for Kashmir and upload in other van after depriving them from cell phones and other valuables.

The police have started to make money under the banner of NAP rather than to play effective role to check crimes and it has become interrogative sign for interior ministry.

A personnel on the condition of anonymity told that police personnel released the accused involved in minor crimes arrested during the ranger’s raids after receiving heavy money from them.