People hope LB system will bring positive change in society


Like other parts of the country the third phase of Local Bodies (LB) election was held in Rawalpindi District and the citizens of the area cast their vote and using their democratic right for betterment of the civic amenities in their areas.

They expressed the hope that LB system would bring positive changes in the country and power will be transferred to the local level.  Maryam Fatima, 67, a retired school teacher told APP that, vote is a national responsibility and it’s the democratic right of people to choose the right person for prosperity and development.

She said the country is facing many challenges, internal and external; it is responsibility of the people to support the government and army to overcome the major issue of terrorism in the country.

She appreciated the government for holding the local body election for strengthening of the democratic system in the country.

Chaudhary Abdul Majeed Abbasi a businessman said that government should control inflation and give the relief to the public. Adding that it is the moral obligation of every citizen to select people who can resolve basic issues and put the county on track of prosperity and well-being.