Audit alleges Jalil Abbas of irregularities



Former foreign secretary and ambassador to America Jalil Abbas, as a secretary of foreign affairs has committed severe irregularities in payments, allowance and other incentives and has been receiving incentives of extra portfolio of ambassador of Pakistan in Belgium against the rules and regulations, Online news agency has claimed while quoting an audit report.

According to the report, as per government rules and regulation, if any government personnel were given extra responsibilities then he could get 20 per cent of total allowance which can be approximately Rs 6,000 per month.

The report said that according to documents of the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs, Jalil Abbas was deputed as foreign secretary on 3 March 2012, and then appointed Pakistani ambassador in Belgium.

A notification of Ministry of Foreign Affairs reveals that Abbas was given extra responsibilities of ambassador in Belgium along with post of secretary foreign affairs. As per rules, Abbas deserves receiving salary as secretary FA from ministry and other allowances and incentives from embassy.

The audit report shows that Abbas got salary and other allowances from embassy instead of allowance of extra responsibility and during this period, he did not receive any salary from headquarter.

“The monthly salary of Jalil Abbas was Rs 191,525 and but he received Rs 8,84,683. During the period of seven months, he received approximately Rs 4,852,106,” the audit report added.

Besides this, Jalil Abbas was degraded from grade 22 to grade 21 by the order of Supreme Court of Pakistan, however, he did not return the salary and other incentives of grade 22, which total value of 16000 US $.

According to the Online story, the audit report further shows that Abbas purchased 23 newspapers and magazines instead of one newspaper while misusing his powers and amount of Rs 38,000/- was due from him. Besides this, on return from Belgium to Pakistan, Abbas received extra amount of Rs 9 45,000 in the form of transfer of baggage and other belongings, which is due to be recovered, the audit report concluded.